Bronze Couture Tan & Spa

Bronze Couture Tan & Spa is a premier tanning salon and spa in Monmouth County. Our focus is tanning and spa treatments all catered to making you feel good. We focus on Smart Tanning Education and all skin stylists are Smart Tan Certified.

Bronze Couture Tan & Spa is equipped with the latest tanning technology from high-pressure lamps to the newest most advanced sunless spray booth. At Bronze Couture Tan & Spa you will encounter only trained and certified tanning consultants. Our consultants will help you identify your tanning goals as well as recommend the ideal tanning schedule to help you achieve those goals. Our consultants will advise you on what bed is ideal for your personal skin type as well as the lotion that is designed to enhance your tan and enable you to achieve a golden brown tan in a shorter time. Tanning Lotions are not a gimmick! There is no reason for someone to go tanning without a lotion. The results are in and have been for a while. Tanning lotions can produce more Melanin in your skin to get you a darker more unified tan in a much shorter time. Without tanning lotion you are not only preventing yourself from getting darker but you are putting yourself at risk for wrinkles and premature aging. All of the lotions we carry have anti-wrinkle protection as well as anti-aging ingredients to prevent sagging and dehydration of your skin. Just ask any consultant to help you find what lotion is right for your tanning objectives.

If Sunless Tanning is your forte’ than have we got great news for you. At Bronze Couture you have the option of personalized airbrush application from our Certified Airbrush Technicians or the private most advanced automated sunless tanning system ever……………..The Pura…………Bronze Couture is the only salon in the state of New Jersey to offer this equipment. All of our Tanning Consultants are also trained on sunless preparations and can answer any of your questions.

Indoor tanning, for individuals who can tan, is an intelligent way to minimize the risk of contracting sunburn while maximizing the enjoyment and benefit of having a tan. Again, we call this SMART TANNING because tanners are taught by trained tanning facility personnel how their skin type reacts to sunlight and how to avoid sunburn outdoors, as well as in a salon.

Tanning in our facility minimizes risk because our tanning salon is Smart Tan Certified. Exposure times for every tanning session are established by a schedule present on every piece of equipment that takes into account the tanner’s skin type and the intensity of the equipment to deliver a dosage of sunlight designed to minimize the risk of sunburn. The schedule, regulated by the Food and Drug Administration, also takes into account how long an individual has been tanning, increasing exposure times gradually to minimize the possibility of burning.

That kind of control is impossible outdoors, where variables including seasonality, time of day, weather conditions, reflective surfaces and altitude all make outdoor tanning a random act and sunburn prevention more difficult.

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